Let's Make Learning Great Again!

About us

The Society of Learning and Information (SOCLI), was formed in 2018 to unite multiple information sources in one place.

We never have to stop learning. Knowledge is power, and in the digital age we have more information at our fingertips then we ever have before. These are exciting and progressive times, and together we can accomplish so much more.

The scope of SOCLI is to be a growing learning provider starting in the UK and expanding outwards, where we provide the ultimate learning database which can be utilised at any time and is evidenced and sourced by viable companies/individuals, with all information notarised by SOCLI.

Our aim is also to keep the content either free or minimally priced making learning available for all.

In the coming months we will be adding subjects to the learning database (SOCPort). We are always looking for providers/individuals to network with and making our learning dream a reality. If you are interested in joining this growing venture, please email us at

In the coming months we will be uploading content in the following areas:

  • Writing and Publishing
  • Music
  • Media
  • Technology
  • Nutrition
  • Law
  • Art

Our contributors so far……

Overseeing the media and music categories, contributors from LiMIT (formerly Lotus Magma), which was a magazine and brand that gained popularity between 2009-2014 mainly due to its flagship publication “Off the Cuff”.

The international magazine gained over 350,000 hits per month (500,000 on a good month), and reviewed, interviewed and published many artists (such as Avery Watts and White Valentine). It also assisted many of its writers to gain experience which has led to them becoming qualified journalists, professional bloggers/vloggers and authors.

At the time, Lotus Magma also offered other services such as copy typing, proof reading, student services and general marketing and promotions. In late 2014 the owners decided to take a break, but there have been requests for Lotus Magma to return, so in 2017 the magazine turned into a blog contributor and was re-published in a brand-new format which has moved to this site, which we are really happy about, and we are hopeful that the content on this site, will be published and be seen by millions (as Lotus Magma’s strap line always stated).