I’ve had enough! I’m off to find a Grumpy Mule or a bullet proof Black Sheep.

*Originally posted on The Food Project/No Food Limits blog in November 2016*

Isn’t it always the way. You arrange a last minute (early morning) meeting to accommodate some awesome clients for the following day, which means getting up extra early, as one cannot depend on the UK’s train system, only to receive an email part way through your morning journey asking for the meeting to be rescheduled.

So I was then going to be in the office really early. Surely that warrants a coffee from your favourite coffee shop?

With a small human at home, I opted for the Black Sheep’s Bullet Proof coffee. I only budget for one of these per month as it is more expensive than the average coffee shop, but it is worth it. Bullet Proof combines good quality coffee, with coconut oil and cinnamon ensuring that the caffeine releases slowly with a massive coffee bean strength of 13, making it the ideal start if you are up early or haven’t had much sleep the night before.

The timing for this meeting was far from fortuitous as the following week our firm’s cafe was introducing Grumpy Mule coffee to replace it’s regular brand. ‎While there are no fancy blends in this brand and additional extras by default, they do concentrate on the quality of the beans also and they state they only use Arabica.

We were actually given the opportunity to test two blends before it was initiated into the firm’s cafe. A free coffee tasting morning, they were inundated, and the chance to win a chocolate bar if you guessed how many coffee beans there were in a mug. Well we did, that’s when you know you might have a slight coffee problem.

Remember to always drink coffee responsibly especially when you are dealing with extra strong blends such as the ones mentioned above. At present the ideal coffee intake it 2 cups per day. If you do indulge in the stronger blends then make sure you limit this to once or twice a week and make sure that your morning coffee is taken with food or around that time.

If you are pregnant your ideal limit is 200mg of caffeine per day. This equates to 2 cups of instant coffee, but bear in mind that this is 200mg of caffeine so if you are planning on eating chocolate or drinking a can of coke (for example), plan accordingly. Decaf is a good alternative to adopt into your eating plan.

Additionally, coffee is a diuretic so ensure you drink a glass of water with each cup of coffee to keep hydrated.

In other news, our resident Arabica coffee plants Costa and Starbuck are feeling the cold so we have given them their own spotlights. Poor things. They are still growing strong so they can’t be feeling that bad and when they reach maturity they can grow as tall as 10 feet.