Let's Make Learning Great Again!

Find nutrition mind boggling? Why not take a short online course about it.

Let’s face it, nutrition is not the most exhilarating of subjects, but having a good knowledge on the subject, as well as knowing what works for you, could save your life one day.

Keep in mind that good nutrition is different for everyone, and when you have found it, it can help with improved lifestyle, productivity, stabilise energy levels and ward off illnesses. One of our campaigners believes that a change in nutrition helped naturally remove two small tumours they had.

For the general public the main risks are of course high cholesterol, Type II diabetes which is caused by a high or unbalanced sugar intake, and heart health which is also linked to, but not limited to, cholesterol and fat clogging arteries. Obviously, some diseases and illnesses just happen, and there are many different variances to what has been listed above, but we are noting avoidable risks here. Identifying other more inborn risks will be covered separately.

While taking a course on nutrition may not be at the top of your list, it is worth thinking about. If you search on the likes of Groupon, you can find many discounted online short courses, or if you have access to Bounty (the mother and baby newsletters and offers), you can find heavily discounted online courses.

Although we completely understand that trying to do a course with little humans around is like trying to herd cats with a bucket of water. 

Recently we have seen the increase in banners advertising online learning either on billboards or online widgets. One that comes to mind is the current OU advertising one trains and at train stations. As follows:

If you’re standing here [arrow] you could be studying here. Search OU commute 

They also have an advert for if you are sitting on a train – though for some franchises several commuters often stand, but download a course and it could help pass the time as well as engage the brain further which may, as a result, help kick start your day. And if this occurs  pre-coffee even better.

At this point, we will say that we will never blame anyone for going into a coffee shop first thing in the morning, they are everywhere and they know their audience – bless those clever Baristas. Also one of our campaigners has a coffee addiction, to the point their nearly left their job in the city and started up their own coffee shop!

So where are some good places to study?

The British Nutrition Foundation have some good online courses, and they are aimed at those who are not qualified nor have any experience in nutritional science. One of our campaigners is on the BNF panel so they get to sample their text regularly and find that their work is both insightful and very easy to read. Please click here to see some of their courses.

There are some great courses with Shaw Academy particularly if you want to focus on key areas and not do one big qualification, such as personal nutrition (which could be the answer if you are having issues with portion control), weight loss, sports nutrition and the general principles which give further information on what causes low energy, irregular blood pressure, maintaining cholesterol levels and so on.

One of our campaigners has studied with the Shaw Academy so if you want any further information contact us via the main website.

Our website will continue to progress, and if you have any suggestions or core subjects that you think would be beneficial please let us know. We are also on the lookout affiliates also, so please get in contact if you would like to join with us.

Originally provided by The Food Project (formerly No Food Limits).