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The Food Project (previously No Food Limits)

Everyone should be free to eat cake...if they wish.  

The Food Project oversees the  Nutrition topics, and their aim is to be an information conduit for everyone. It is not a diet club, or the latest fad, it is a way to help people eat properly in an affordable way. Whether your goal is to lose weight, change your eating pattern, eat well on a limited budget or you just need some new ideas they can help. 

Their expertise has focused on eating plans for athletes, shift workers, post pregnancy, those who have experienced cardiac issues and eating disorders. They feel that everyone is different and should be treated as individuals, that is why their motto is 'When you know what to eat, there are no food limits'. 

Additionally, with a new project called The Plant Index soon to be an app, watch this space as this venture is no doubt going to be inspiring and informative.

To view a list of courses and information, please visit SOCPort Nutrition.

Watch this space, for the new app. 

Coming soon.