The Society of Learning and Information

We never have to stop learning. Knowledge is power, and in the digital age we have more information at our fingertips then we ever have before. These are exciting and progressive times, and together we can accomplish so much more.
The scope of SOCLI is to be a growing learning provider starting in the UK and expanding outwards, where we provide the ultimate learning database which can be utilised at any time and is evidenced and sourced by viable companies/individuals, with all information notarised by SOCLI. 
In the coming months we will be adding more subjects to the learning database (SOCPort). We are always looking for providers/ratified individuals, so if you are interested in joining this growing venture, please email us at
What we want to achieve 
There are always so many talented people out there, we want to be in a position to network with them, display their work and fundamentally give them a forum to display their content and services (if available). While this site is first and foremost an educational forum, there is no reason it cannot be more. 
Upcoming aims and deadlines
Time of update: September 2020 
  • March 2020 - September 2021: SOCPort at medium capacity with 5-7 topics with 3-5 topics offering at least three courses.
  • September 2021 - September 2022: SOCPort at medium to high capacity and continuing to grow.